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  1. Actually, yes. It seems on many notes that are clipped web pages, there's either a long freeze or an indefinite freeze forcing me to close evernote in the task manager. I did a quick test and find that the same note that hangs evernote desktop client also hangs my browser. How is that possible??
  2. Starting to worry too. * Still get stutters with searching * Finding more and more notes in my library where if I open them and scroll in them, evernote becomes unresponsive for a long time (like 20s) or completely locks up,requiring me to kill evernote in the task manager) Sadface
  3. It was there all the time. For example: Typing a note: stutter every other 10-15 words Adding a note: stutter Adding / changing note title: stutter Adding / changing tags on one note: stutter Mind you these were stutters of 1-2 seconds max (as perceived.... probably never more than 1s actually). Like I said, 1st world problems. But distracting and felt like something was broken as I was used to buttery smooth operation. Zero stutters since disabling instant sync.
  4. It was the "instant sync". After this was switched off in Tools > Options > Sync everything back to normal. Must have switched on in update from V5 to V6 as I don't remember doing this myself, and like I said I didn't find stutters in Evernote V5 on my laptop (which didnt have instant sync switched on). So... dunno if instant sync works for other people - causes stuttering for me, no idea if it caused stuttering in V5 as I never used the feature there. I won't miss using this feature as I wasn't important for me anyway. Glad this is solved.
  5. Thank you for your reply :-) If all other things stay equal, and the only thing that changes is also the only thing that breaks (break is bit harsh in this context), forgive me for concluding that the fault is with the variable that changed. As stated, already tried uninstall / restart / re-install, to no avail. I checked 'context' and it was already switched off - so that is not going to be the solution. Am I correct in understanding that any adjustment to type-ahead searching is only going to affect the client when I type in search boxes? Because that also won't help. Eve
  6. Evernote since version 6 is continuously micro-freezing / lags during regular use. Before version 6 I was always impressed by how buttery smooth Evernote was in use - this is no longer the case. This happens when typing (a note, in search, adding a tag) or scrolling through note / note list, i.e. basically doing anything. I'd say I'm probably a moderate user (~1200 notes, 1.5GB data), using Evernote almost daily. Examples (as in, not limited to): - When typing a note, Evernote will be unresponsive many times for about a second, during which I cannot see what I am typing, then s
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