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  1. Hello Paul, What I ended up adopting was along the lines of analyst444's approach #2: short notes through the course of the day that are task specific that I tag with 'log' and also the project name and any other tags I deem relevant to that particular note. This allows me to see everything I did on a particular day (by searching for that particular day's notes) and also what pertains to a particular project (by searching for all the notes with the 'log' tag and the particular project name. I like ka7ple's approach of merging notes into a large one for archival purposes, but I haven't gotten around to actually doing that… Adding the date and time to the title of the note is probably a good idea but I'm not fastidious enough to remember to do that each time! If it was possible to automatically do that with some kind of template (i.e. the title automatically gets a timestamp added), that would be fantastic but I don't know if Evernote can do that. I started out by having a separate notebook for my log posts, but then realized that I can accomplish what I want by just adding the 'log' tag (as analyst444 explained); that way I don't have to remember to make the note in the correct notebook. I still haven't found a completely satisfactory solution for ToDo lists. The approach I'm now going to take is to make a note with each day's todo list using the checkbox and tag it with 'log' and 'todo'. As I go through the day, I'll tick things off the list. What would be fabulous for me is if I could tag certain parts of a single note (in this case tag individual tasks in my todo list with the associated project) but that isn't possible in Evernote, AFAIK. I suppose I could make individual ToDo notes for each project for a given day, but I just don't think that way, and I don't want my infrastructure to take more effort than actually accomplishing the various tasks What would be great is some automated way of quietly tracking WHEN I ticked something off the list without having to explicitly add text to that list item, but I don't think Evernote works that way. Even more fabulous would be a way of connecting an item on my ToDo list to the various notes that pertain to it in my 'log', and sync it with lists on my iPhone... As the various seasoned users have indicated, it really is a matter of trying a few approaches out until you find something that works for you. HTH! W.
  2. Thank you all for your helpful replies! I'm going to play around a bit with these suggestions to see which works best for me. I can report back if that would be of interest. Again, thank you! W.
  3. Gazumped, thank you! What you've proposed should allow me to do what I want. Making every incidental entry a new note is a tad nonintuitive, but nothing I couldn't get quickly used to Keeping all the day's entries in a single note (my initial approach) would have been doable if there was a way to tag portions of a note, but I don't think EN allows that. Thanks again, W.
  4. Hello! I'm a pretty new Evernote user. I would like to use EN to keep my daily work log/journal. During the course of the day, I work on more than one project and switch back and forth between projects a number of times. What I'd like to be able to do is to go back and read all the entries pertaining to a particular project, and also read all the events of a particular day (regardless of the project specifics) ordered in time. From reading this topic, it sounds like I should use a note for each day. In that case, how would I extract just the events pertaining to a particular project from that day? Alternatively, I imagine I could also make a number of notes for a single day, each note tagged to pertain to a particular project. But in that case, how would I read a listing of that day's entries in time sequence? Is there a way to combine all of a day's notes and sort according to a timestamp of the individual entries? Is there an approach that would allow me to do what I'm after? Thanks for any help! W.
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