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  1. Thx I am working with EN on my iPhone I don't see a way to delete the old searches from the saved search list
  2. Fantastic. Works great! Could you also please tell me how I delete the saved searches I no longer need? Thanks so much for your help
  3. And here's an peculiar anomaly: I get the message "No results found. No notes were found in your account that match "notebook:"actions pending" tag: "1 now"" Note that the "1 now" does not have a hyphen in the message. But I input it with a hyphen and the tag in EN definitely had the hyphen.
  4. Hey thanks for the quick reply. I just tried it but it did not work. I tried with and without spaces and/or caps just in case, but nada. Any other thoughts?
  5. My first post in the EN forum. Wheeee I have a PC laptop, iphone and ipad. On the PC, I can search a specific notebook (eg Actions Pending) by a tag (eg 1-Now). This enables me to see only the items in that notebook (and not from other notebooks where a note is tagged "1-Now". This does not happen on the EN app for iphone/ipad. If I search Tags on that platform, I see all 1-Now tags in all notebooks. Does anyone have a way to do that so I can find and clear my active to-dos on my phone? thanks
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