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  1. It doesn't appear to have been resolved yet. I believe this is also what's causing my saved searches that include reminderDoneTime:* to not filter notes that have been completed correctly.
  2. For what its worth, I don't have an issue with in-app notifications. They're quick (maybe on screen for 5 - 10s in the bottom right) but they are enough for me. As for email reminders, that is only for the daily digest of what is due that day. That's not an email for each reminder --- although that would be a nice feature to be able to turn on.
  3. Great! I can't wait to test this out to see if the reminders saved searches issue is fixed so I can actually upgrade everywhere! Thanks!
  4. Great to hear there's a new release with some bug fixes so quickly! I tried it out, but it looks like the reminders search bug hasn't been resolved yet. So I'll go back to 261488 when it worked, but is there anywhere that we can see a full list of the bugs that were resolved with each release? All I could find was the "Misc bug fixes" or something like that.
  5. For what its worth, I get similar functionality by using saved searches. For example, I have a saved search that has all my actions that don't have a reminder yet and another saved search (my focus list) that has reminders, but no completed reminders. When I add a reminder the note automatically is removed from my actions list and added to my focus list. Then when I check off a reminder as complete it automatically is removed from my focus list. I have a saved search that shows all of my completed reminders in the past 7 days so I can reference those completed reminders if I need to, but its rare when I go in there. Usually only if I accidentally complete the note before I realize it wasn't actually done. Of course, I use tags instead of notebooks to organize my notes so that helps because the saved searches don't care what notebook the note is in. This way my actions are automatically archived as soon as I complete them as well, since they start off being archived in the notebook I need them in and I just apply tags/reminders if I need to take action on them.
  6. Thanks for that link jefito. I see the difference between clearing and completing, so I apologize for using incorrect terminology. However I still think its a bug. Worked as expected in previous versions of Evernote for Windows and now it doesn't. I just did a test and using the same saved search mentioned in my original post I get 10 notes with reminders in Evernote for Windows. When I log into the Evernote web app and pull up that same saved search I get 40 notes with reminders. So....not the same. For now it looks like I'll go back to using the Evernote web app since that pulls up my saved searches correctly until this bug is resolved.
  7. It would be helpful on mobile devices to have the widget allow you to configure a "Quick note" that automatically applies a pre-configured notebook and pre-configured tags. The idea behind this is that when I'm mobile I can quickly tap a button and add it to the notebook Next actions with the tag @home or use another button to tap and have it go to the notebook Someday/maybe with the tag @work (or however you pre-configure the button).
  8. Hmm, I'm thinking there might be a bug with reminders. Is this supposed to occur? http://screencast.com/t/QyPH8Gs7jw I wonder if that is related to the search being broken if the reminders aren't really being shown as "complete".
  9. Thanks for the reply! Hmm, yeah I've got that unchecked. But really the search should automatically filter out the note as soon as I check the reminder as done so that option is irrelevant at that point. Which is exactly what I want. I'll have to keep playing with it to see if I can figure out why its not working with this latest release when it worked in all of the previous V5 betas.
  10. Odd, I didn't know it wasn't out of beta yet. I checked for updates and saw a public release so I downloaded it. I've attached the release notes.
  11. I had a saved search like this: tag:"next action" tag:"@work" reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:* This search simply shows me what I have tagged at work, has a reminder but that reminder is incomplete. Worked great in the V5 beta. As soon as I updated to the public release for the Windows V5 app, the -reminderDoneTime:* portion of the search seems to have broken. That is to say that I can remove that section and see the notes that I need to (notes that have reminders) but of course it also shows all notes that have reminders even if they are complete. As soon as I add the -reminderDoneTime:* some of my notes disappear. The odd thing is, I have notes disappear that have complete and incomplete reminders, so I have yet to pinpoint exactly what is the common denominator between those notes disappearing. I did notice, though, that when I complete a reminder now it doesn't show a strikethrough like it did previously - the reminder seems to just disappear. Is this a known issue, a purposeful decision to remove the ability to search for completed/incomplete reminders or was there something in the public release update that I need to tweak the flag to compensate for? Thanks in advance!
  12. I noticed that this update doesn't say "Beta" like the other release notes do in the Windows app. Does this mean it is officially out of "beta" (despite the title of this post)?
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