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  1. I might be missing something but that's why I like notebooks within notebooks. Say I have a notebook that is investments, within that I have property and within that I have different projects. Because I can't send a clipping or email to an existing page it like to send it to a Notebook. So in this case I have a Notebook within a Notebook within another notebook. So in the example above I have Investments Notebook, Property Notebook within that and then finally a notebook for each Project. So Property A Notebook and Property B Notebook. This means I can now at least send the email or web page/clipping to Notebook Property A. They are then all stored within that Notebook. This is visually useful and I can't see how to do this without this missing functionality. At the moment I would have to send all clippings to the Property Notebook as its not possible to send them to the sub-notebook of Property A...

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