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  1. Hey Nics, I agree. So maybe you should try OneNote. We've pretty much moved there, better organization, great structure with section groups, sections, tabs, notebooks, and pages, plus all the normal formatting features. Only thing missing in OneNote is reminders. I did love Evernote and was an evangelist for many years, but just had to give up. I'm not a big fan of "tags" and in EN you must live tags. Well each to his own but I'm a convert to OneNote now and quite happy. Ubiquitous, Android, IOS, OSX, Browser, and free... can't really go wrong! Sorry Evernote :-/
  2. Spence, Yes, that does work and is how I strike through. BUT... the issue remains, strike through button is needed.
  3. YES... PLEASE add this for Evernote on the Mac!!!!!!!!! We NEED strike through, how simple can that be?
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