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  1. Shouldn’t both versions be installed on your computer?
  2. I was content with the old desktop app but very unhappy with the mobile app for iOS and was looking forward to the all-new and improved version. Then I read the forum comments.
  3. Thank god! Now I have something I can use while I search for a replacement.
  4. I've been a Premium subscriber for more than a decade, and this update is a disaster. It's normal for people to grumble when a new version of an application comes out, but I'm missing features that were integral to my workflow. I created templates so I could enter multi-paragraph text without adding/removing extra line breaks when moving content in and out of Evernote. Those templates don't work anymore, taking away what was already a cumbersome workaround. I can't check off Reminders in list view. No preferences menu?
  5. New product? Funny, the "about" screen says I'm running version 10.1.7. I got emails and in-app messages urging me to "Update now." And "Evernote Legacy" is not Coke Classic, it's a legacy version that is no longer supported. The apologists on the forums are doing a great job of damaging the brand when they make excuses and tell paid subscribers like me that they're wrong for wanting this feature or that, or such-and-such an issue is not really a flaw, it just means you don't understand the program (funny, I thought the iOS app, for example, should be more useful for, uh, taking notes). I've
  6. Paid subscriber here. After 10 years, I'm starting to look around for alternatives. I just can't believe there is still no reasonably simple way to increase spacing between paragraphs so that you can actually distinguish them as paragraphs. I have to insert extra line breaks--effectively adding blank paragraphs--to make the text readable, and then they have to be removed if I'm going to repurpose the text in some other application. This forum's browser-based rich text editor--the one I'm using to type this very post--understands the difference between paragraph breaks and line break
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