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  1. Great to hear, Seattlitte- thanks for sharing the news.
  2. Thanks for the report, which answered the question that arose in my mind as soon as I saw the update notice yesterday. Once again it appears necessary to skip the process.
  3. Just my lame sense of humor at work. Don't mind me. Good luck with the reinstall. Mine worked out well, and I live in hope that the EN folks will eventually square this thing away. so I don't fall too far behind the update cycle.
  4. Maybe you are onto something... it seems like everyone reporting this problem has a video card from that same company... what's its name? Nvidia? Can't expect Evernote to cater to every tiny market segment.
  5. This is very frustrating to hear, Billiboo--- apparently the people at Evernote either don't know or don't care that flaws in their last couple of versions have damaged the product for a significant portion of their customers. In any event, I didn't even install the latest update, but chose "skip this version" instead. Obviously I don't want to be doing this forever.
  6. Thanks, Factman. There was just one time several years ago when an update of a note-taking program that I depended on before shifting to Evernote completely broke things, and I was tearing my hair out trying to get back to the old version. It was not until I swept out every registry entry that I had any success. That incident came to my mind as I was working on this problem, and I figured it was worth an extra step to minimize the chances of similar frustration!
  7. Well, I found a workaround: I uninstalled the update and found an install file for version Bit of a pain, but it seems to have eliminated the problem. If anyone else cares to try, I found a collection of old install files here: https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/windows/old I downloaded a recent previous version, then scanned it with both BitDefender and Malwarebytes, just because. Then I uninstalled Evernote using Revo Uninstaller in "nuke every trace" mode, then did a registry clean with CCleaner. (Probably overkill.) Rebooted and ran the downloaded install file, logged in, and started syncing. It looks like I'll need to tweak some settings to get everything back where I like it (default fonts, etc.) but it's worth it to get rid of those stupid blue boxes.
  8. Might be. I'm running an EVGA GTX 960 Ti. One thing is certain: I don't fancy the thought of buying a new card, with the insane prices they are going for lately.
  9. The only thing that's changed on my system was the Evernote update-- no new software, drivers, etc, so I'm assuming it's a glitch in the new version. Until the night before last, everything on my machine played nicely together. Wish I'd thought to save the previous install file so I could revert back one version. Also, updating my previous observation, the blue box appears immediately once I put the cursor in the note pane-- I don't actually have to start typing.
  10. Thank you, Dave! I just added a comment to that thread. Appreciate the pointer!
  11. This has begun happening to me, too, as of yesterday, and it is definitely not a problem with the content of one note. I just installed an update to the Windows client (, running Win 7) and now every time I create a new text note or add text to an existing one, a blue box appears around the text, like a text box in Microsoft Word, expanding and shrinking as I type or delete. If I leave the note and come back to it, the box is no longer there, but as soon as I start typing, it reappears. I find this very distracting, and I'd really like to find a way to get rid of the boxes, if possible.
  12. I just installed an update to the Windows client ( and now whenever I open a new note or add text to an existing one, a blue box appears around the text, like a text box in Microsoft Word, expanding and shrinking as I type or delete. I find this very distracting, with no benefit at all to my workflow. Is there a way to disable or hide the text box borders and return to the usual note pane behavior? I can't find anything in the options dialogues. Is this a new "feature," and if so, why? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. It appears that the clipper suddenly began working properly for me some time yesterday, without any action on my part or notice of any update from Evernote. Crossing my fingers that things stay this way, but not going to pop champagne corks until more time passes.
  14. Nope, me neither. And the uninstall-reinstall gambit didn't fix things permanently either-- after less than a day, the errors returned. I'd like to think that the Evernote people are hard at work on a fix, but maybe I'm dreaming.
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