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  1. Apparently Evernote team believes that anything at /sdcard/* is on SD card judging from their kind reply that was painstakingly prepared to answer the detail of files stored. It used to be correct but not any more. On S3 or newer Android, /sdcard and /mnt/sdcard are symlink to /storage/sdcard0 which is Internal storage. The real SD card is /storage/extSdCard and symlink /mnt/extSdCard. I thought just creating a folder in /storage/extSdCard and symlink to /storage/sdcard/...evernote will solve the problem but it doesn't because /sdcard is formatted as VFAT and symlink can't be made. The solution I found is using an app 'FolderMount'. It creates a folder on extSdCard amd mount it on a assigned folder on sdcard. So the folder on extSdCard and files in it appear as if they are on sdcard. It also copies the contents of the sdcard fodler to extSdCard. How convenient. I am not paid by the app developer, but I just wished to share the (one of possibly many) solution that works for me.
  2. This post is one and half month old but still relevant because the issue is not settled. I was on the fence between OneNote and EverNote and finally decided to move to EverNote, and upgraded to Premium for the offline storage. I enquired EverNote for the storage usage and I got this answer along with quite detail what goes where. I cut out the summary below. Android handsets typically offer two places where application data can be stored: the device's internal storage and an option SD card. Note Metadata/Headers - This headers (metadata) information goes into an internal data store, which Android always stores within the internal storage on the phone. Note Body/Contents/Attachments - The body/contents of the note is stored on the SD card instead, in the "Evernote" folder on your card. Android Application Code - The bits for our application itself (i.e. the compiled code) can reside on either internal memory or on the SD Card if you move it there. I think it is outdated and wrong information. For those who wants to try the UNIX magic, here is some information you may need. On Galaxy S2, the internal storage is /mnt/usb and SD card is /mnt/sdcard. On Galaxy S3 (and/or new Android models), internal storage is /storage/sdcard0 (/mnt/sdcard) and the SD card is /storage/extSdCard (/mnt/extSdCard). The files are stored here. Other type of file attachment may go somewhere else. /mnt/sdcard/Android/dta/com.evernote /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/EVERNOTE This symlink may work. If anyone tried, I hope to hear the result. /mnt/sdcard/Android/dta/com.evernote -> /mnt/extSdCard/Evernote /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/EVERNOTE -> /mnt/extSdCard/EvernotePictures -- dj
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