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  1. Just updated to 5.2.3 and rebooted. No change in random cut/copy/paste behavior.
  2. Edit: It may have something to do with the S4 multitask feature. I disabled it and so far things have improved. (Found in settings, my device, display, "Multi Window"). It still seems to be random on whether or not the blue tabs appear after selecting a word in order to select more than just that one word. Sometimes I get the tabs, sometimes not. I don't have this issue in other apps (Gmail for example). Edit: The single blue positioning tab with a short press also does not appear, which makes moving the cursor to the left edge and inserting text/checkboxes impossible. I'm having problems with cut/copy/paste in a note as well, even within the same note. The behavior changes and I don't know why. 1) sometimes I long press on the composition area of the note, I get a system sound like I expect, but no popup. No change in the screen at all. 2) sometimes if I long press a single word it'll get highlighted and I can cut/copy but then cannot paste when I move to another line in the note and long press. 4) sometimes, saving the note first helps, other times it doesn't make a difference. 3) sometimes everything works. The two blue select buttons come up after a long press and I am able to select multiple words and lines. Then cut/copy/paste normally. There's a bug in there somewhere, not necessarily in evernote (but I haven't had this issue with other apps). Maybe there's an issue with the keyboard (I've tried swype and google keyboards), or with something in the system itself. Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Android version 4.2.2 Evernote version: 5.2.2? (Aug 16, 2013) Regards
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