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  1. So, there sometimes are issues, but not one specific issue which is easy to trace as to its source... Well, technically, the transaction was successful on the App Store, but was not registered on the side of Evernote, as the subscription was not actually renewed. This should not even be possible, if the whole system is set up as a transactional system between the two vendors ('Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability is a set of properties that guarantee that database transactions are processed reliably'). Meaning the App Store should wait for a confirmation token from Evernote, before charging the credit card. Well thankfully gbarry just fixed it and Evernote is working again
  2. Evernote now knows that I PAID (you said, that you flagged it for me and I PM'd Evernote staff gbarry), I have PROOF of payment, but I am getting NO service. After more than 4 days I am still stuck with this. As a last resort I may have to reverse the charges on my credit card as Evernote is failing to provide the service that I paid for and is making no effort to fix it. My choice of payment system should not effect the reliability of getting Evernote service. If this is a known issue with 3rd parties like the App Store, then it is up to Evernote to MAKE SURE that their paying customers can get a real human being on the other end to fix any problems that may arise between Apples' and Evernotes system.
  3. The thing is, I have been a Premium user for a year, I paid for another year and the new subscription is even shown in iTunes, but customer service *treats me like a free user*, just because their faulty system failed to update the subscription on their side. 'Premium support promises a reply within one business day, Pacific time', but apparently my ticket was never forwarded to Premium support. Thus now its weekend and it will take another few days to sort this out. Just like the user above, this is a problem of a failed priority system at Evernote support. There should be a way for a user who has paid to get priority support via phone or chat. If they want to verify, that I qualify for priority support, I can tell them my receipt number from iTunes.
  4. Thanks, I hope to hear from Evernote Support soon. In the meantime I also filed a complaint to Apple via the 'Report a Problem' link in the emailed receipt. What is the expected response time from Evernote support? I'm already at my 60 MB sync limit! It seems I'm not the only one getting NO TIMELY SUPPORT, even after paying for a subscription: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58170-evernote-support-sucks-more-than-any-other-company/
  5. "Ticket# 514147 - Premium: Failed to activate InApp purchased subscription"
  6. Hi, I have been using Evernote for more than three years and a Premium user for one year. When renewing my subscription from within Evernote on iPad, my iTunes registered credit card was charged US$45, but the Evernote app and website does not show my Premium account. All premium features are still disabled and I cannot access many of my notes, when mobile. The subscription is shown as active in the Apple App Store, but not within my Evernote account. I contacted support with an urgent request for correction, but nothing happened in more than two days. Christian See screen shots:
  7. The Evernote email feature stopped working completely. After initially sending a few notes successfully, it now crashes every time and will not send the note! Restarting Evernote and even Windows did not improve this. Windows 7 64-bit. Evernote version (268917) Public
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