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  1. If I understand You correctly, You mean Office documents like Word, to drag them into the note from lets say desktop. It does support this function.
  2. I delited 6.13. and went with the Hotfix they provided (http://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.7.6.7584.exe). Can say that I am at peace, for now it works the same as I had before plus it is the fix they provided so I assume it is the first of the save updates. Hope I do not find anything disturbing.
  3. Did the same :( I upgraded few months ago to than newest version, and it had bugs that still haven't been fixed to 6.13. (horizontal rules only shoving every other line, huge icons for "in note draged" documents - pdf, word, excell). Very disappointed...
  4. Went back to works like a charm So I guess I'm probably not updating EN anymore...
  5. Well it's possible I haven't updated since 6.7 (my mistake I did not check the version before updating to 6.10) because the green new note icon is something new to me. About PDF viewer I am not sure what are You talking about, because when I open PDF straight from EV it opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader.. Like You said, maybe I need to go further back with versions. Thanks for sugestion.
  6. Ok I rolled back to version and note loading was at normal speed, the one we are all used to, but other problems I mentioned before did not go away (big and strange attachment icons, horizontal rules not showing). So I just updated to latest version again and now I can only wait and hope they fix this mess soon :/ I can't imagine my normal day without EN but last few days I am forced to do everything without it
  7. Thanks, but are they trustworthy? And should I be ready to expect any problems in future when updating to newer versions of Evernote (when they fix existing, current problems) if I don't install from official site?
  8. Since nothing has changed in last few days in direction of fixing problems mentioned before, I already uninstaled the latest version, but now I don't know where to find earlier one. Can You please tell me where You got yours?
  9. In some strange way it's great to know it is not only me that is having problems with new version. Can You please let me know how You rolled-back to previous version? Thanks in advance. Thank You for helping, I hope they fix this.
  10. ...another problem just surfaced - some of the horizontal rules (lines) are missing.
  11. Hi, I noticed a few problem in version (306921) that really need to get sorted. First when I click on the snippet of a certain note it takes much longer than in previous version to load and show the note. The second problem is with the icons of an attachments which look bigger (look at the printscreen below). I also noticed that pdf-s are now only able to be shown as attachments, not sure if this is an error or just premium option from now on. It would be nice if you guys sort this problems ASAP. Thanks and have a nice day!
  12. Could be. I just noticed that dispite having font size set to 10 under Tools - Options - Note, when I start a new note, it starts with size 9. Really looks like EN on my new computer has different size 9 compared to my old computer. And not to mention how smaller the letters are when reading notes created in EN on new computer (font size 9) on my Android compared to notes that were created on my old computer (also font size 9). It's not really a big problem, but for some of us with an eye for details it is quite annoying.
  13. Hi! I have a font related problem too (Evernote for Windows). Under Options I have Note font set to Tahoma size 10, but when I start a new note it sets to Tahoma size 9 in that note. Also when I am scrolling through my list of notes and click on specific note on that list it says size 9 in the note toolbar, but when I click on the text inside that note it shows size 10 in the same toolbar. Never had that problem before, it appeared now when I am working on a new computer. Also it is very confusing, it is like there are two different sizes 10, when I compare note that was last edited on m
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