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  1. I am pretty surprised that this feature could be me missing : isn't hyperlinking the killer feature of the web ? The problem may be that the will to favour occasional users rather than power users has led to an oversimplification of the new UI, leaving key features on the way
  2. It looks keyboard shortcuts are not supported in the Metro app. They really are missing. I know Win 8 support is not massive on desktop and laptops PCs, but power users still exist and use shortcuts extensively. Of course, I can use Evernote Web or the desktop app, but surprisingly I tend to like the Metro way. What I miss the most : formating (bold, underline) and levels (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2) for organizing notes (a hidden feature of the web app). As a more general information, it is really frustrating that formatting options are not exactly the same in all the apps (iOs, Win Metro, Win desktop, Web). I even got once a message telling that is was not possible to edit a note because of unsupported options. Olivier
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