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  1. Another request for font control. I've been using computers as my "peripheral brain" for 25 years. My collection is more than 20,000 pages. I've used QuickNote, TextBase, 1Note, Treepad, Zim and lots of others. I really want to change everything over to Evernote because it does EVERYTHING I've wanted in all that time. I'm even willing to do all the work to convert. Problem is this font size thing is a deal killer. There are a lot of tutorials.... many by Evernote staff... encouraging users to put Evernote on everthing. That's what I want to do: my Linux desktop, my tablet (rooted Nook), and my smart phone. The only way I could do it would be to carry a magnifying glass around my neck. Even beyond needing to be able to set device level or document level default font sizes... there's the problem of cutting and pasting from web sites. I frequently wind up with a mix of huge and tiny fonts. IMHO we need font control in editing more than underlining or strike through or much of that other stuff already there... and we're not just talking the mac here. Please. John - a sixty something year old who really NEEDS a peripheral brain.
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