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  1. I agree. Also, the Evernote edition of the ScanSnap scanner is considerably more expensive than the S1500. And not really worth it in my opinion. Also, don't buy the Mac edition of the ScanSnap S1500. The only difference from the Windows version is the colour. You have to be really fond of white to pay a $100+ premium for the Mac version. If you buy the S1500M Mac edition, it comes bundled with Mac OS X versions of client software, including Adobe Acrobat. (At least that was the case when I bought my scanner a few years ago.) While you can download more recent versions of OS X ScanSnap off the net, you can't acquire the OS X version of Adobe Acrobat that was bundled with the scanner.
  2. As an Evernote Business user (and previously, an Evernote Premium subscriber), I expect additional value in the form for features that I want and need. Instead, I'm subjected to additional marketing offers for trials of other services. Like Facebook, I feel as if I'm the product and not the customer when this happens. How about zero-knowledge encrypted notebooks, so I could fee more comfortable storing sensitive data in Evernote? You guys have the same problem as DropBox, in that my data is accessible to potential third parties because Evernote has access to it, and a breech in Evernote's infrastructure security could disclose sensitive information. This is why I'm a SpiderOak customer, despite their inferior user interface as compared to DropBox.. You'd think there would be a segment of potential Evernote Business customers out there, with HIPPA concerns (or other regulatory driven privacy requirements) that would like to use Evernote, but can't. I'm willing to give up server-side indexing and OCR for some notebooks. Probably there needs to be some special requirements for Evernote Business shared notebooks that are encrypted. I'm certainly happy to discuss my needs and thoughts on how such a feature would work. It would be really nice to understand if this capability is on a feature roadmap, somewhere, sometime, or if we're just shouting pointlessly into the void asking for such a thing.
  3. The sort order seems to be alphabetic, though symbols all seem to sort ahead of numbers and letters. I was a bit surprised that '{', '}', and '~' don't sort after 'z'. That would make a nicer visual appearance than prefixing notebook names with 'z' to get them at the bottom of the list (even in stacks.)
  4. I've been an evernote premium customer for a few years now and pretty happy with the service. However, it has become clear that it's no longer possible to trust service providers with my data, despite the best intentions of the service providers to keep my data private. So, I'm hoping that Evernote will enhance their product to give users like me the option to use zero-knowledge encryption as GrumpyMonkey mentioned in his post: I understand this may cause some features, like server-side OCR to not work correctly (or at all). Maybe giving me the option to have my attachments OCR'd might be useful, perhaps some hand-waving assurances that you'll return the OCR'd info and destroy the object. Or maybe not at all. In this version of the product, EN is reduced to being a storage provider for my data synchronization needs as well as a supplier of high quality client applications. I'm now actively searching for a solution like this, perhaps built over a service like SpiderOak (that I try to use preferentially to DropBox) or something else. While I have particular reason to distrust EN as a service provider, it seems to me that to solve my problem I don't NEED to try my service provider, and as a matter of good hygiene, I probably shouldn't trust service providers unless absolutely need to.
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