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  1. I noticed that the size of my Evernote database file on Windows grew in excess of 21GB. I assume that at some point, this has to be impacting performance of my Evernote application on Windows. I don't want to delete any of my old notes - that would defeat the purpose of Evernote, right? But I don't need all this content to be replicated to my Windows computer either. I am also concern with storage space management on my Windows notebook, which only has a 500GB SSD. Evernote allows to have synced Notebooks, and offline Notebooks. Why not add Cloud Notebooks to this list - i.e. a Notebook that would only exist in my Evernote cloud account, and not replicated to my local computer or devices. I have a notebook called Archive, and I think that it would be be great not to have to replicate it locally.
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