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  1. I have two major uses of Evernote in photography. I use a lot of old cameras, and it can be hard to remember the quirks of each. The Canon IIS2 has a light leak on the lower left; the aperture on the FED is rusted wide open, etc. Evernote is perfect for recording these issues as I notice them and allowing me to review them later, when selecting a camera or deciding how to use whichever one I have with me. More important on a daily basis, I use Evernote to track my film. ISO 400 color in the Leicaflex, Kentmere iso 100 black & white in the Exakta II, etc. If you don't go through a roll all at once, it's easy to forget what's in there, and if you no longer know what kind of film you're using, it's impossible to set the speed and aperture correctly. I also note subject matter for each roll as I shoot it, which together with the record of film type, allows me to identify which camera took which pictures when I process the negatives. That's a photo taken at City Streets last week on Kodak TMAX 100 with a Canon 7 that has focus problems.
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