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  1. I believe it does, if evernote supports checkboxes, but for that you need other script.
  2. Yes, exactly. script supports Color of cell and font, and font-type i.e. italian or bold.
  3. JMichael, thank you a lot for your comment. Your are absolutely right, just html-table. Without real spreadsheet. But Evernote is not Excel, there is no any. I didn't tried twith WORD, and I had plenty of tables in excel, so I needed more or less automated way to export tables with formatting. Your way is either good if you need to export one table and do it with hands)
  4. I've added video HowTo - instruction of using this VBS script HERE
  5. Oh, sorry, I haven't monitored this thread for a long. This script usage is quite easy. You just take your excel spreadsheet, executes this script inside MS Excell, and import. *enex files, , which you receive after that to Evernote. If you need I may write detailed instructions with screenshots or video.
  6. Upd. Updated version in 1-st message. Fixed some bugs with special characters. Now even if you have images and other graphs in xls, it wil export OK, without it. (Fixed bugs with symbols: "&","<",">".)
  7. Upd. Had a little problem with & character - if you had this character in your excel spreadsheet, you recieved blank page in Evernote. Now it's fixed in 1-st message
  8. Just tried with 200 columns - imports fine. So i think problem is with overall size(rows and columns count).
  9. May be. but i cannot check it to fix. If you have an example - send me.
  10. I had same problem when I uploaded file with images. That should be plain spreadsheets only (without images and graphs) Or may be problem with charsets. I used ansii to utf-8 encoding may be in your way you shouldn't do that. Try change this line in script Excel_charset = "Windows-1251" to Excel_charset = "utf-8" Or send me examle of excel file which is not working This is my first try, so probably we will find there some bugs. Upd. Changed default character-set in script to "utf-8". So you may just download new file from 1-st post
  11. UPD. Just checked synchronization with imported documents. Fixed one problem. Updated file. Synchronization works fine now
  12. Hi All! Some time ago I found out that it's really pitty that I cannot import Excel spreadsheet in Evernote page as a spreadsheet(not as a file). And I've written vbs script for Excel. (Sorry if it is not too good - i'm not a vbs programmer) Main function: - Export all workbooks with its names to Evernote .enex file - Support text size, bold, italic, Color - Support different encoding (from ansii to utf-8 e.t.c) Default Excel character set is set to utf-8. Please write me if you have any problems, using it. Hope it helps. Upd. Added video instruction for this script HERE Excel_to_Evernote.txt
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