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  1. +1 for needing Archive functionality. My Evernote has become unwieldy. I’m tempted to just start over from scratch. My Evernote is too large to download the entire account to any device which makes it difficult to use all the features.
  2. Yes, I agree with psteinweber above. A one-click solution is essential. I moved from memonic to evernote because memonic team moved onto another project, but they had a good solution which was to make available the javascript code for the options you would choose when clipping. So, if I always save the 'whole page', then I could have a bookmarklet which saves the 'whole page', and the same for 'article' and several other options. This way you can either have several bookmarklets which each require only one click, or if you are consistent in your choice, then you can choose to implement the bookmarklet which works for you. Is there a section on Evernote where you can get the javascript code to create a bookmarklet with the options you choose? I have not found one. Also, I do not know why I say bookmarklet, except that seems to be what I call bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar. Thanks, Leslie
  3. I am very interested in this also. Exactly what tshanno wrote above. Thanks, Leslie
  4. I am having the same problem except that I have to sign in several times an hour. If I open a browser tab in a new window, then save to evernote, I will have to sign in again. If I click on one of the "Related Notes" on the "Clipped" message, then the note will try to open in a new browser window and will display nothing. At this point if I open another 'tab' in the same browser 'window', go to evernote and login, then I can refresh and see the note. However, when I return to the browser window I started from, then I am logged out of evernote. There are many variations, but the gist is that almost every time I use the web clipper, I must sign-in over and over again. Nothing to do with clearing cache or cookies or logging out, not at all. Simply clip a few times, then login again. I am using Safari Version 6.0.5 (8536.30.1) on OS 8.0.4 Mountain Lion on a MacBook Pro. And I am using the Evernote Web Clipper. I don't know how to view the script it is running because it is on the 'toolbar' not on the 'bookmarks' bar. I have a premium evernote account. Is there a workaround for this? Also, this is a new bug. I cannot pinpoint exactly when it started, but sometime within the last few weeks. And, fyi, this is horribly, maddeningly frustrating. Especially because it is a new bug.
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