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  1. I guess you are right - I have my sync frequency (Tools | Options | Synchronization) set to "Every 15 minutes", and I caught it quickly enough that it hadn't happened yet. Just for future reference, should I have closed Evernote Desktop to prevent syncing once I realized my note content had disappeared, or would that have triggered an automatic sync? I presume the latter, but just want to be sure in case it ever happens again. Thanks.
  2. Same thing happened to me using Evernote Desktop for Windows - a few missed keystrokes and my entire note disappeared. Cntrl-Z to undo didn't work. Here is what I did to recover it. * I simply logged into my Evernote.com account in my browser, * Opened the note in question (which hadn't been synced yet) * Copied the contents of the note to my clipboard * Pasted the contents back into the note on Evernote Desktop Thanks for not syncing very quickly Evernote!
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