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  1. EDIT: Found the solution, there's a little globe button you can click after you click on places, it shows the exact locations.. You can also get directions if you click the note, click the 3 vertical dots, click note info, then click on the location. Hi, I'm a new evernote user and from what I can tell it will be perfect for me. The only thing it's lacking is specific location information. I'm a travelling salesman and would like to be able to place a pin on a map at any location (such as a farmer's house) so I can remember where they live. Then later when I'm back in the area I would like to be able to view a map and see all the pins in the area so I know who to go see. Is this possible? So far all I can figure out how to do is place a pin on a map, but it seems to save the location as the nearest town instead of the specific coordinates I selected on the map.
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