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  1. I've not really had a chance to look at this properly yet, but one thing I have to say first... There is not a folder called "Conflicting Notes" Where would that be? I can't see it in Android, in the web version of in the Windows version. It's not on my phone, tablet or PC! I'n using the premium version by the way.
  2. Thanks, 06:30 am now...I take a further look tonight
  3. I'm new to this so please excuse my naivity! I read the knowledge base which says that there is a special folder where conflicted notes go, but I can't find one in Windows, or in Android. Well, I have a conflicted note but I don't know how to resolve it... Please could someone explain how to resolve conflicts?
  4. I find that I can import Catch from an ENEX file OK apart from the fact that it doesn't import pictures or sketches.
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