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  1. Just wanted to chime in about a few apparently missing keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I'm missing something simple, but if I remember right, in V4 you could do the following: Open a note in the right panel (while showing list or snippet view in the middle panel)Edit the note in the right panelHit "Esc" to shift the focus back to the note listIt seems like there is no longer a keyboard shortcut to take the focus out of the right-hand panel note editor. This means that, starting from the editor, you can't use the keyboard to switch quickly from one note to another. It also seems as though the Ctrl-Enter keyboard shortcut to open a note in a new window only works if the focus is on the note list, not inside the editor. And finally, it looks as though the keyboard shortcut (as well as the menu option) to hide the various editor toolbars (wasn't it Shift-F8?) is gone. I like the beta a lot, but I'd love to see those shortcuts back.
  2. Okay, no problem, that explains it. I have about 12000 notes myself. Last update was right before I went to sleep, so I didn't notice it so much. Thanks! Nathan
  3. Just downloaded the new beta and I like what I see. However, on my machine (Windows 7), the program frequently becomes unresponsive for periods of over fifteen or twenty seconds at a time, sometimes considerably longer. This seems to be happening every few minutes and it makes the program pretty much unusable. Hope this report is helpful. I'm fairly new to beta software, so if you need more information, let me know. Nathan EDIT: Not sure how consistent a pattern this will turn out to be, but for now, this behavior seems to happen especially when I have just edited a note and switched focus back to the note list.
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