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  1. It seems that offline notebooks is "wort of" working; it just takes a very long time for the notes to download, and they don't seem to download unless EN is the active app. I turned off the sleep function on my iPads and iPhone and left them open overnight (connected to chargers), and it seems the notes downloaded. BUT... search really doesn't work while disconnected from the internet, even if the notebooks are all downloaded. Every search displays a warning about "some notes may not be searchable offline"; and a search that would return over a thousand hits when online, might return only 4 to 5 when offline. So while offline notebooks are available, they are pretty much useless. EN 7 seemed to support offline search just as well as online search.
  2. In EN 8.0.2, on my iPads (regular, Mini and Pro), when I search for notes I get the note list with the top-most note selected. THIS IS THE ONLY NOTE I CAN VIEW! Whenever I touch another note, the note display briefly switches to display the heading of the selected note, but then the selection jumps back to the top-most note in the search results list. (This behavior doesn't happen if I have no search active; then i can select any note in the note list.) UPDATE: I just realized that this problem doesn't happen if I press the magnifier to start a search; it only happens when I pull down the note list and type the search text. This problem doesn't happen on my iPhone.
  3. Here's another update from support: "It appears this issue was introduced version 6.9 of Evernote and may have been amplified by the changes in OS. It was around that time we began seeing other users reporting this behavior." So it seems that ALL users of Evernote for Mac version 6.9 or later are affected, not just those running Sierra. This is a "devilish" bug since it affects random notes, old or new, and there is no way to find what has been affected without checking note by note. With thousands of notes, I don't know how to best deal with this.
  4. I just got a response from Evernote support to the issue I had opened with them.
  5. I have opened an issue with support ( #1822861: Lost PDF attachments from some notes) and want to mention this issue to all. For some reason, many of my old and recent notes that contain PDF attachments have lost their attachments. The notes have NOT been updated since creation but still, there is a note history that contains the note with attachment. This is an ongoing issue -- whenever I look at notes, there seems to be additional ones missing their attachments. The assumption by support is that maybe it is caused by the Fujitsu bug, but I have not used those combination of scan options that are documented as problems. In addition, some of my notes were created several years ago, never used, and two days ago they lost their attachments! It might be possible to retrieve the notes from the history, but this is a large job esp. since there is no way of knowing which notes are involved -- and since more notes seem to be affected over time. Rather than Fujitsu, I wonder if this issue is related to the process of moving notes to the new Evernote Cloud storage.
  6. Totally agree! In fact, since I do not want to see any notes at all, I have turned off the Evernote setting "Show Notes in Widget". And with this update, all I see is an empty box saying "Recently viewed notes will appear here". (The same happens with 3D touch on the Evernote app icon -- a large box with the same message, above the actions.) Please bring back the prior widget.
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