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  1. #1. Found it. Thanks.. #2. I'm not finding that to be the case, though wish it would be. Attaching a screenshot. #3. I'll keep hoping!
  2. I have several questions about attachments in the latest version for Mac. I also use the Windows version (4.6.1) at work so I see the different features. 1. When attaching PDFs, is there any way on the Mac to apply the "view as attachment" to all at once rather than individually? 2. Also, while the Windows version seems to show me the full file name on the attachment icon, the Mac version shows a bunch of graphics within the icon and truncates the actual name of the file. Is there hopefully a setting somewhere to show the full name? Or maybe to change the font size and trick it into showing more? 3. Lastly, when viewing notes in snippet view on Windows it shows me a count of how many attachments are on each note. I can't seem to find a similar view to see all attachment counts on Mac. Does it exist? (And I know about viewing info on an individual note - that's not what I'm looking for.) Thanks!
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