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  1. That is a good option to scan directly into a folder. However I think I've somehow fixed the problem with a lot more luck than judgement! see previous post Thanks for your advice! Evernote is such a broad topic with so many uses and many different ways to use it as well.
  2. Thanks Steve, I seem to have inadvertently solved the problem. I had Evernote open and when I scan something it opens another Evernote, I noticed that when I scanned a second or third document it didn't keep opening new Evernotes so I deleted the original Evernote Icon and everything now works fine with just the one Evernote sitting there quite happily. I fully agree with your sentiments on Evernote, I have used it since March 2013 and it wouldn't be exaggerating to say it has changed the way I run both my business and family life. Brilliant stuff! Cheers Steve.
  3. Im a first time user so please be gentle with me if I inadvertently flout the protocol of the forum. I have Evernote in my dock and usually with the window open. 'keep in dock' and 'open at login' are both checked. When I scan a new document I get an additional scan to Evernote icon that appears briefly and then a brand new Evernote window opens. I now have two Evernote Icons in my dock and two Evernote windows open. The new one has the new document proudly on view while the original window that was open all the time doesn't show the new document until I sync it. Any subsequent scans are sent to the new window, ie it doesn't open a new window for every scan. I would like Scan snap to recognise that Evernote is already open and not open a new window when I scan a document. Thanks in advance for any help with this irritation.
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