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  1. It is not true. See this message: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54271-scrolling-by-mous-wheel-not-work-in-tags-section-if-section-has-no-focus/#entry263629 You can check it, scrolling of note list work without focus. This problem look like a bug. And i am think that in previous versions scrolling of tags and notebooks was worked.
  2. Hi! I use tags very actively. I use drag and drop for specifying tags in note in some notebook. As a rule it is INBOX notebook and i specifying tags for several notes (step by step). If i will click ON Tag i will lost current notebook and will lost current note. In this case i can't use drag and drop. So, currently i should aim at very small fields, such as scrollbar or area without any tags or other controls. It is not so easy and it is absolutely not useful I think that it is not hard task for developers to catch position of pointer and process wheel actions. And i think that in past it have worked. i must feel dicomfort early. I have long list of notebooks and long list of tags. When i scroll all this tree i am find this separation only after several attempts (scroll up, scroll down, scroll up, scroll down ) Plane design is good, but color and other separation of different information more effective and useful. Additionally, sometimes notebooks and tags can have alike names. And there is no any visual different between these elements.... I have stacks in notebooks and in tags. Yes, i know. But in Evernote arrows are visible only if mous pointer located in notebook's area. It is strange solution which not allow me to have higher speed of finding information... I agree that these things are small. But in the past these thing was more better. I do not wish my favorite software to be worser.
  3. About Evernote for Windows pre-release Usercase: 1. type something in note 2. move mouse pointer to TAGS section 3. Try to scroll tags section by mous wehel 4. ups ... you should use scroll bar ...... ( I think that in previous versions it was worked. I use mouse for dropping tags to note. But now i can't scroll tag section. it is very unuseful And again and again: we need colored icons near notebooks. In ither case it is impossible to find difference between tags and notebooks. Additional, please, show arrows in notebooks tree. Do not hide it. It is very unuseful All changes in Evernote 5 are fashion, but also are not userfreandly Thank you for work!
  4. What i hope to find in Evernote 5 but ... Headers in editorLetter case independed searchingUsing text from evernote and picture from skitch in one note simultoniouslyIndependet from IE settings of proxySorry for feature request in this topic..
  5. Absolutely! Additionally: more than two years i am waiting for H1 H2 H3 headers in text editor. It is must have, how it is possible to work without this? I am sure in sunshine future
  6. Dear developers, usability of 5th evernote still very bad. There is several main reasons: 1. Design too flat and pale. In old versions i can see where notebooks and where tags. In 5th version i can't separate those parts of tree. 2. In old versions it was possible to select notebook and to select simultaneously several tags. It was great way to sort and find necessary notes (tasks). Without this possibility i must create many and many search requests and save this in favorites? It is wrong way, because i do not want to have one more long tree in addition to notebooks and tags. And again, see item 1. My powerful GTD system on evernote will die if usability will such bad Help evernote, please! And thank you for great work !
  7. Thank you for great work. I want to write about my impressions of Evernote 5 beta I am sorry for my english. 1. Plane designe is fashonably, but in Evernote V5 there is problem: different elements of interface has no evident borders, separators. Design is very, too very plane, pale and incomprehensible. As result time of searching of elements too large. One (just one!) example: I have ~50 notebooks and more than 100 tags with complex structure. In Evernote V5 i can't find difference between tags and notes in my long tree. I should scroll main tree several times back-to-back before i will find where tags has beginning. In Evernote before V5 all notebooks have green icons and all tags was without icons - it is more more useful. 2. I can't find quick links on toolbar. New tree in left panel is not useful. I need see several notebooks and main tags for applying tags to notes. But also i need in quick filters. In this case new tree with filters in left panel will less useful tool than buttons in toolbar. Left part of evernote too heavy.
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