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  1. In french it's customary to search an "e" and return any accented version of "e" like é, è, ê, Ë. I believe the search can't do that. Anything close to this feature? Did I miss it? Two main reasons driving me: 1) sometimes you don't have the keyboard you want when writing or searching notes (english keyboard at work or accessing your account from a public computer) 2) approximate search habit in french makes you skip the accent like done in Google, GMail, etc. Also note that I have notes in both french and english so ignoring accent helps looking in both languages when some words are commons.
  2. Hello, just an update. I was stuck into the same problem. I dig a bit further into my evernote Container, and it appears i did some mess with external edit. Fastest way : Shut down Evernote and Evernote Helpermove away the external edit foldercd ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote.bkp/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Evernote/accounts/Evernote/<my evernote USER>/mv external-edits external-edits.bkp restart Evernote and check it is running okIf you do not need to recover your non synchronized external edits, you can stop here. Finer steps : You can then reimport your external edits (i.e. the ones that may not be synchronized already). Shut down Evernote and EvernoteHelper import an external edit subfolder (the ones with "756678DDEF..." like names) into the original external-edit directory (the ones ending with .backup are perfectly safe, you can import them all at once) Start Evernote, let evernote get synchronized, and go back to step 1 You may find that one external edit is blocking Evernote => remove it and restart evernote or may be Evernote, by taking each edit one by one may handle each one properly this time, In my case, I think i did mess my external edit folder by accidently saving new files, PXM type, not JPG or PDF, into 2 external edit subfolders. Now my evernote is perfectly restored, synced. Hope it helps.
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