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  1. I followed all the suggestions on this forum and I can't get rid of this "Conflicting changes" notebook. It hi-lites, but there are no options available to delete. I even tried to drag and drop it into the trash. HELP!
  2. Hi, I cant delete the "conflicting changes" notebook either.
  3. Posted 16 September 2011 - 10:00 PM Instead of having the option to Title, Date Creation etc, have an custom option whereby you can drag and drop the notes into the order you want them in. It seems it would be the obvious way to organize your personal files. Just click them and move them around in the order that makes sense to you. I noticed this was discussed at length on forums as far back as 2011. The Evernote "evangelist" suggested that this was a feature they were working on. I want to upgrade to a Premium member, but am hesitant to do it unit some of the very basic user interface issues have been sorted and updated. iQuote MultiQuote
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