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    @TJudeWhen I press long on an empty space on one of the screens on my HTC, I get a menu where I can choose the option 'add Apps and widgets' (because I translated this from Dutch, the option you see may be named a bit different). If I do this I see a menu with widgets. In the left top I can press on 'widgets' and select the options 'Apps' or 'Shortcuts'. If I choose 'Shortcuts' I see a number of icons and among it there is an icon called 'Evernote actions'. If I select it I see a screen where I can choose which action it should have. There is also the action 'Audio' for recording audio. Then I can select the Notebook where I want to save the new note and the color of the icon. When I'm ready I press 'Done' at the right bottom of the screen and voila! Hope this works for you too!
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