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  1. My experience with the classic link is that: I can find it if I first paste the 'internal link' into an Evernote note and then edit that link. It's a bit of extra work, but it's not the main problem. This is the problem: If I paste the classic link into an external app like Todoist or Roam, and click on it from there, my Mac doesn't automatically recognise Evernote anymore as the app that should open the link. And it's not something that I can configure once and then it works. No, EACH time I have to select the Evernote app again. Once I do, it opens the right note. So the classic link is work
  2. Ok, thanks! If you need any information from me about this issue, I'm happy to share it of course.
  3. Ok. I just got an answer to the question I asked them about this via Twitter (I couldn't find any other place to report the issue other than social media). This was the answer I got: "We encourage Evernote to reach out to our platform support team if they need help to diagnose this issue. They can get in touch with us by emailing platform-support@ifttt.com."
  4. I'm still having this issue with notes that contains images. I could not find, where at IFTTT I can check the ticket number (2752464) that they created for this at IFTTT. Has anyone any news about this, or does anyone know where I can find this info at IFTTT?
  5. Ah, I'm sorry to read that. There are so many differences between Android phones... Maybe it's with your other shortcuts? I found the 1x1 widget among the shortcuts and not among the widgets... So maybe you just need to look for the shortcuts and not for the widgets. Hope you'll find it!
  6. Please see my post in this thread on April 1st. There you'll probably find your answer :-) In short: In the list with the widgets I can press on 'widgets' (it is a drop down menu) and then select the options 'Apps' or 'Shortcuts'. If you select 'Shortcuts' you will find the 1x1 widget for Evernote. Hope it helps!
  7. Please, no need at all to feel dumb. I'm glad this works for you too. Just be happy that you learned something new and that you can continue using Evernote, which is a great tool!
  8. @TJudeWhen I press long on an empty space on one of the screens on my HTC, I get a menu where I can choose the option 'add Apps and widgets' (because I translated this from Dutch, the option you see may be named a bit different). If I do this I see a menu with widgets. In the left top I can press on 'widgets' and select the options 'Apps' or 'Shortcuts'. If I choose 'Shortcuts' I see a number of icons and among it there is an icon called 'Evernote actions'. If I select it I see a screen where I can choose which action it should have. There is also the action 'Audio' for recording audio. Then I
  9. Yes, I found out yesterday evening that the 1x1 was not a widget but a shortcut (on the HTC One M9). Happy again Thanks for your reply anyway.
  10. With the new Evernote widget for Android, it's not possible anymore to add a single task (1x1) widget to my (home) screen. On my home screen I only have space for 1x1, maybe 2x1, not for a 4x1. Further, I'm only using New text note (probably 'New simple note' now) and Search, so I don't even want to see the other options on my home screen, because it will only take up unnecessary space. This way, the new widget is quite a productivity killer for me...
  11. Evernote, please! Key features for organizing notes should really work consistently across different platforms. Tagging is, I think, one of the top 3 Evernote features of Evernote, like the Evernote search is, and the multi-platform availability. This makes Evernote HUGE! It is a GREAT app. This is because these features enable every user to create their own ideal 'Digital memory' or productivity system. Whether someone uses many notebooks and many tags, just one notebook with many tags, or whether someone completely relies on Evernote search: Evernote's power is it's flexibility! So ther
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