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  1. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54235-web-clipper-for-android-chrome/?p=300441 Apparently, just click the Evernote icon before it disappears, and it will give you the option.
  2. Suppose that I don't like the new clipper to store the whole page in my Evernote, but that I want to have the 'old' functionality of just storing a URL and it's title. How can I disable the web clipper feature? Thanks, Oliver
  3. Since Evernote 6 for Android, it is actually doing what you originally requested. But I actually want to turn that off! Anybody any idea how to go back to the previous functionality, where it would just create a note with the URL and title in it? Thanks, Oliver
  4. Before Evernote 6 for Android, it would just save the URL, instead of a copy of the whole page. Is it possible to go back to this behaviour? I cannot find where I can disable the Web Clipper feature of Evernote 6. Thanks, Oliver
  5. Please yes, I would like to share a note with a certain URL with Instapaper, but currently this results in an Instapaper article with the shared note with URL, instead of the content of that URL. Catch just shared the content of a note instead of some public URL
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