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  1. Electron base, really? That explains why it is so relentlessly slow even on my macbook pro with 16gb and 200Mbps optical line! 

    It seems that these days I am spending more time on the internet searching for answers trying to somehow justify my frustration on how Evernote has gone from one of the few products that I always thought was worth paying for, to a product design that sacrifices productivity and usability over cross-platform maintainability.  

    So far this new version has so many negative aspects that greatly outweigh the positive that this is the first time since 2012, premium subscriber, that I am seriously considering abandoning Evernote for good!  


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  2. On 11/29/2020 at 10:59 AM, stocky2605 said:

    and, in addition, it was a REAL filter to drill down notes by tags used by the list of notes. Current filter just shows ALL tags Evernote has stored - that‘s bad. I mentioned this in the iOS forum, but it‘s valid for all platforms (V10).



    Yes this is exactly what I was looking for today.

    Effectively drilling down to a given note, or note-set, by filtering the tags of the notes returned each time. Another feature that I used constantly to swiftly find an intended note, or set of notes, NOT available in the new release! ! 

    Today I discovered another bad design decision also hampering on productivity - see https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/131673-issues-with-modifying-tagsfiltering-tags/?tab=comments#comment-596504


    A new major release of a productivity app that hinders your productivity by removing or badly implementing key features reflects very badly, what's going on evernote team?


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