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  1. I did not think to check Chrome. At this point it does not matter. I gave up on Evernote and won't renew my Pro status when it expires in April. I've moved to DEVONthink Pro Office. It seems to work for me, and more importantly their support is better.
  2. I don't think I opened a support ticket. I'm slowly moving away from Evernote to OneNote or Bear on the Mac.
  3. Support told me they had no idea, since it was so soon. I told them I guess I have no choice but to reinstall. Day two and I am still downloading my data. A pain in the a$$.
  4. Right, they told me a re-install might fix the issue, but the bottom line is I sync all my notes and notebooks to my iPhone and iPad. Re-downloading 8 GB on both devices is a pain in the a$$. You understand how this does not look good for Evernote. I'm sure some Q&A is done before releasing the update, but this is crazy. I'd rather wait and not use Evernote and see if the 8.1 update fixes it. Either way support should find other solutions rather than the "stock" reply of re-install the app.I'm not mad at you the messenger, just the company.
  5. I was able to send a crash log with my ticket, so hopefully they can fix it soon. Support just emailed me and wants me to re-install the app. I told them I am a Pro user since 2008 and have about 8GB of notes synced to my iPhone & iPad which I would rather not have to download again. I asked if there was another solution.
  6. I just updated the Evernote app to version 8, and it crashes on launch. I force quit the app and re-launched and got the same result. I restarted the iPhone ( 6S plus running 10.2(14C92) ) and got the same result. Another suggestions besides a reinstall, I don't want to download 7GB of data again. Would a crash report help? I can upload one if needed. I went ahead and submitted a support ticket, so please ignore the post if needed.
  7. Thanks. I'll try the reboot. I did forget that step.
  8. When I enter text in the Tag field of the web clipper they appear backwards, for example if I want to type Photoshop the text enters as pohsotohp. I made a movie to show you. Any ideas? I uninstalled the web clipper form Safari. I installed the developer version and the version from the Apple Gallery. Both are version 6.9.4. Is there any hidden files I need to delete to completely uninstall? I noticed it kept my user name and account settings after the uninstall. Maybe a suggestion to completely uninstall. Thanks, Paul Safari Technology PreviewScreenSnapz001.mov
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