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  1. Jack61 is absolutely correct in suggesting Lecture Notes. I too have been waiting for Pen Ultimate, but in the meantime tried out Lecture Notes. I will not renew my Evernote premium account unless they give us android users Pen Ultimate by the time my subscription ends. Lecture Notes is truly awesome. It has many different pen styles and colors, paper styles and colors; all of which are customizable. You can create multiple layers, import pictures, create basic shapes, and export to a compressed pdf (basically it jams everything into one layer). If you install Lecture Recordings, you can even record while you draw, and when you play it back, the page will scroll down as the recording plays back. Pretty cool when taking notes in class. Helps me merge my notes with what the professor said. I like the fact that you can insert or delete notebook pages. I think you can even rearrange the pages if you want to. The only negative thing I can say, is that it is not connected to the cloud. Of course that keeps the apps permissions very low, which is a good thing. This app not being connected to the cloud is not really an inconvenience to me because I primarily use my tablet to take notes, and if I need something out of it, I can export to PDF, print it out, and annotate the page with an ink pen or something if I need to. If I get rid of Ever Note Premium, I will still keep the app for my lists because they are connected to the cloud.
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