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  1. I am gettng the same thing and note will not sync. I am not seeing any weird characters at least that I would think would not be supported. How do I fix this, been a week and kinda need to work with this note on my PC
  2. Windows 8 Dilemma RESOLVED Well after fighting with this over and over and copying over exb file as suggested by BurgersNFries I finally just broke down and upgraded to Window 8 PRO. and Viola! THE SYNC TOOK ONLY SECONDS! There is a major problem with Standard Windows 8 64bit!
  3. I am also having this problem on a new Windows 8 laptop. Had I not recently had to install on a Windows 8 PC that had to be refreshed I would have jumped at doing what BurgersNFries just said. It is a rather large database that did its complete sync in about 10 min. That being said this PC had previously been upgraded from windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro, and several months later (just in the last 2 weeks) had to Refesh the PC and reinstall Evernote. My laptop will not get past 46% and I literally worked on this an ENTIRE day! Is there something with different versions of Windows 8? My laptop is not Pro, but 64bit Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have ALL of my work notes in Evernote and would be a pain if I could not get this working soon on my work laptop. However I do have multiple other devices I can use, which is a godsend!
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