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  1. Sometimes I use Evernote for saving important backups of videos. Currently, if someone wants to watch video from Evernote (at least on Android version, not sure if same on iOS), you need to download it (as external file or in note). It would be great if there is possibility to instantly stream video while is downloading on background (like in Google Drive).
  2. I'd like to see possibility of showing just offline notebooks in mobile apps. While I have about 150 notebooks, different of them synchronized offline on different devices, honestly I really don't remember which one are available on tablet, on smartphone etc. I think that new item in the menu like "offline notebooks", which would show just notebooks that are set as offline would be great. What would be even better, if I could see some mark in note that this currently available offline. Same for notebooks. Just an idea
  3. I've seen similar topic some years ago, but in that time, Chromebook market share was pretty ridiculous. Now, how does it look like in 2014? Google's Chromebooks were two of the three best selling laptops at Amazon this holiday season. (http://www.businessinsider.com/googles-chromebooks-amazon-best-sellers-2013-12#ixzz2veuMPHgt) and new Asus Chromebox is already Amazon’s #1 best-selling desktop computer (http://chromespot.com/2014/03/09/buy-asus-chromebox-amazon-newegg-tigerdirect/). Next thing is - if Evernote would make native version for Chrome, you can use it with your Chrome browser as well (if you don't want full desktop app). To me, it makes perfect sense to begin with support for Chrome OS. I stopped using Evernote about half a year ago, but I just miss that app. Unfortunately, web version is terrible (comparing to iOS, Android, Mac and Windows version) so I would really love to hear that Chrome OS version is on the to-do list...
  4. I thought that app will just send info to Evernote app on synced phone (photos or videos taken by these smartwatch), but as i found here - http://www.heavy.com/tech/2013/09/top-best-apps-samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch/ They're saying "The watch's weakness of requiring a Samsung phone nearby could hurt its potential, but Evernote is one of the few apps that actually runs on the watch itself. The helpful memory tool would be an excellent addition the device but the functions of Evernote for Galaxy Gear have not been explained." I'm really curious. Evernote and Samsung already been through a closer cooperation ( http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-wb250f-smart-camera-gains-evernote-integration-31292400/ ) so maybe it will be quite useful.
  5. In many previews about this product, I've read about Evernote app, but cannot find any more info. I assume that it will be 1st party product directly from Evernote - has anybody found any more info? To be honest - I'm not really interested about Samsung Gear, but more about how will Evernote handle UI, how the application will work and what will be able to do
  6. Thanks Chris, I'll definitely check your site, I'm always open for new ideas I've been talking about "additional data per month" and forgot for 1GB which is already part of Premium account So yes, it's 37GB per year (1 GB x 12 months + 25 GB of additional storage for purchase). Indexing large PDFs is one of that reason why I've switched. To be honest, the only thing I'm missing is impossibility to choose cover photo and no Penultimate for Android tablets. And last thing - I have many Evernote points (from Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine etc.) and I can't even use them anymore this month for increasing upload limit ) #firstworldproblems
  7. I'm using Evernote for several years, but for most of the time it was my secondary ecosystem. I used a Google Drive, Google Docs and recently Google Keep. But things are changing and I've found Evernote more and more useful and decided that it will be me primary ecosystem. I'll dump Google Drive and Google Docs and move all my digital Content to Evernote. And by all my digital content I mean hundreds of GB. (I'm currently using 400GB Google Drive plan). I've never thought that it can actually happen, but sometimes I just needed to put PDF magazine to mobile devices and just used Evernote, and when I was going to delete it, I just said myself - why? I don't need to. Once it's uploaded into Evernote, why would I delete it? I'm not limited by amount of stored data, but by upload. And I realized that it can be applied to most of my digital content. (Second thing is little more personal that I don't fully agree with some steps that Google has recently made, but it's not important.) I've explored all my stuff on Google Drive, chose the really important things (voice memos, PDFs, photos) and it's still about 20GB. As I said, it's almost all my digital life But how was I surprised that I can buy max amount of 5GB additional data per month and max. 25GB of data over the course of year. (and that I can't choose thumbnail photo, but it's another story). I'll handle this in some way, but I'm still surprised. It should be in Evernote's interest to sell as many traffic as possible. And even if transfer of such amount of data is probably not common, I have two other people around me which has the same issue - one moving from Dropbox and one from Google Drive as well. As I said - I'll handle this, but I would still prefer a little bigger monthly limit for purchasing additional storage, so I don't have to wait several months until all my data are transferred.
  8. Dear Evernote Team, Is there any chance that this will ever be implemented? We're waiting for YEARS for such basic thing. You all do a great work and tons of little improvements every few months, bit this is realy essential thing and is still missing. Please, think about it.
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