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  1. Seems like there are several issues with the Windows desktop client of Evernote on recent hardware and versions of the OS... it doesn't obey Windows DPI scaling, touch control isn't consistent across the UI, and it seems like feature additions lag compared to other versions of the software (markup as PDF, etc...). On a personal note, I wish that ink could be integrated into notes similar to the Android update that was recently released. It seems like ink notes have been left to stagnate. And while I appreciate image annotation being built in, it would be excellent to have a "markup entire note as PDF" option the way Macs and iPads do. I also have poor marker performance making it necessary to write very slowly and deliberately, although I can circle the heck out of things just fine for whatever reason. ** Changed c*r*a*p to "poor" so the forum doesn't censor me.
  2. Please support Windows DPI scaling. Version 4 and 5 beta do not scale UI elements at all, resulting in microscopic controls on devices like Surface Pro. Touch support would be excellent, but DPI scaling is a must.
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