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  1. I have the same issue. With sidebar in snippet view and editing a note (I'm guessing as it's saving in the background), the dark grey selection highlight blinks white-then-grey. It looks like it's being unselected and reselected as I type. It's solid grey when not editing. In card view it blinks with the upload icon, which isn't bad, but the blinking is still a bit distracting. In list view it's fine, so that's what I've been using. It seems like a small issue but I find it very distracting when trying to focus on writing. Evernote info: Version 7.0.2 (456267 App Store) Editor: 1.38.3824 (68bd1c0)
  2. I just wanted to send my feedback on Evernote 5 for iOS. Overall I feel like it's a step backwards from ver 4. The main complaint is it's a lot slower to launch and use. The primary use for me is to be able to launch and add a note as fast as possible, and these days I've reverted to emailing myself notes because that takes fewer steps and is much faster. The pull-down-to-show menu is cute but it's still the same number of steps as the back button (in ver 4), and the extra animation just isn't worth the expense of custom UI. The main points: -App takes too long to launch, and switching between apps sometimes forces a full relaunch-Too long to scroll, open note because of the extra texture/UI, custom editor, etc-Typing often scrolls so that the cursor is offscreen (major bug)-Notes sometimes don't resize properly and content is cut off offscreen (bug)-Slow unnecessary animation when picking a different notebook Using iphone 4, ios 6/7.
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