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  1. Darren, is it possible to edit handwritten notes on Galaxy Note? As of Galaxy S2 handwritten notes made on my Windows tablet are not even viewed as a vector image but displayed as a (low resolution) raster image. Trying to edit handwritten note moves me to creating new note with an attachment that I cannot even display... As I'm reading this forums I've found out that someone stated that it is possible: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34230-take-handwritten-notes-directly-in-evernote/ I wonder if Evernote for Galaxy Note is an diffrent apk or it has an integrated check if to allow or disallow editing of handwritten notes...
  2. Is there any way to switch back to Windows interface? It seems that this new custom grey interface overrides Windows theme and no matter what theme is set (Aero or classic) it doesn't change. Maybe not a big issue, but it looks ugly! Some time ago I've found another program that changed interface to very similar one (Foxit Reader) and it lets you choose between "ribbon" and "classic" (which is default Windows) interface. Something similar in EN would be great!
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