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  1. Piling on just a little bit - I've really decided to invest into using EN, and So I took a few hundred tax documents scanned in with the absolutely wonderful "scannable" App, and I extensively tagged all of them them - and, one of the very first searches I wanted to do, show me "Anything tagged with '2015' and ('Dividends' or 'Tax' or 'Statement')" After a bit of searching, I was *very* surprised to discover, that's not a search that Evernote supports. The workaround, as I understand, is to do multiple searches: 2015 and Dividends - and then *tag* all of those notes with "2015-DTS", likewise with 2015 and Tax, and then finally 2015 and Statement. Then, I can do a search on "2015-DTS" In reality, this only took about a minute, but what it means, is that if I need do later do a search on this, I'll need to repeat the process of tagging "2015-DTS" each time, or, alternatively, get used to tagging extensively so I can do a boolean or search. All of this just to work around the inability to do an "or" search. I absolutely appreciate how you don't want this to be confusing novices, and you want to keep the product simple - but I would have to believe anybody seriously using EN, pretty quickly wants to be able to do "OR" searches.
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