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  1. It slows me down a lot having to manually click the save button every time I clip something. I'd really like to be able to hit a key command to get the clipper to save the page and hide itself as per my prefs. I can navigate the clipper otherwise with the keyboard (although an open clipper command would be good too), and don't want to have to cursor to the save button every time. Thanks in advance!
  2. workflowy is free if you don't use it much, otherwise it's subscription. how does it integrate with evernote? i have omnioutliner and use workflowy. integration does sound interesting...
  3. nice one - thanks guys. mac version awaits the same kinda love (y)
  4. • "evernote is a note taking application" well yes, in the same way that a computer is a word processing device. evernote is also a multimedia multi-platform information storage and retrieval system, a project management system, an extensible database solution, etc etc etc. the comment is not only disingenuous, it's contradicted by the subsequent comments re audio recording and multiformat file attachment capabilities, features which preclude evernote from being _just_ a note taking app. evernote touts the product as being business-compatible, and i'm in business, and using evernote. the OP made a valid point - (any feature request is per se valid). as a professional musician, and a premium evernote user, i'm also considerably frustrated in my evernote workflow by the miserly recording resolution and resulting abysmal audio quality. it's the worst quality recording i'm aware of in any modern recording application, and i would dearly like to see a simple preference option for differing recording rates and bit depths. i should point out that the OP's request for "enhanced" audio quality is a bit of a misnomer - evernote reduces the quality considerably from the source resolution, so the request should be for a less degraded recording resolution. just saying... FEATURE REQUEST: OPTION FOR HIGH ("NORMAL!") AUDIO RECORDING QUALITY!
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