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  1. stjones: The workaround I've been using is to open Evernote in my browser on my desktop, rather than opening it in the Evernote program. I am using evernote, and it still hasn't been fixed.
  2. The screen shots posted by krhodes are exactly what I see. Does anyone know how to get Evernote support interested in addressing this problem?
  3. I found this discussion involving a similar problem: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/43734-evernote-502-and-livescribe/ I uninstalled Evernote and deleted the Evernote folder in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local I still have the same problem. The view in my browser is correct, and when I use print preview, it is correct. The view of Penultimate notes in my main Evernote screen in Windows, hoever, cuts off the tops of pages. I am using Evernote version 5.04.3698.
  4. Since my original post, there has been at least one upgrade to Evernote. They haven't addressed this problem nor has anyone other than Davearooo even seen it. I am not hopeful for a solution if not enought people see it and complain about it. It's a shame, because this makes the program significantly less usable for me.
  5. I enter handwritten notes in Penultimate on my iPad (generation 4), current iOS. I sync all the notes to my office desktop, Windows 7-64 bit, SP1. I have the current version of Evernote installed, (not Premium). When I view my notes in the right panel of the Evernote screen, the top and bottom margins are truncated by about half an inch, so I can't read the full page. When I view the notes in print preview, they appear correctly, and when I view the notes in my web browser (Cyberfox 28.0.1, 64-bit), they appear correctly. I'm afraid I cannot post a screen capture, because the notes contain confidential client information. Notes created before April 3, 2014 display correctly. Notes created on or after April 3, 2014 do not. My monthly usage at Evernote for syncing and storage is well under the limit. I would appreciate any help in resolving this display problem. Thanks.
  6. I am running Evernote & Penultimate on an iPad 4, and I run Evernote on my desktop (Windows 7-64 bit). I have Notebook X set as the default notebook in the desktop version (the iOS version does not have any discernable way to set the default notebook). Every time I sync Evernote, it saves all my new notes to Notebook Y. I then have to move them manually on the Windows desktop to Notebook X, and then resync to have them show up in the correct notebook on the iPad. I have searched the Evernote web site and these forums, and I haven't found an answer to this. I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks.
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