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  1. This is a Evernote popup that comes up in the middle of the screen, minimum daily. Installed in Win 10, the Legacy version. It appears to be a popup trying to force the Legacy to be upgraded to the v10
  2. Using Legacy until v10 is comparable, but is there any way to disable the constant popups about an update that keep happening? It's very counter productive. Thanks
  3. I'm in the same boat, I need my old date/time in one shortcut, or the ability to create our own hotkeys. There doesn't seem to be any settings options in the new version
  4. So I tried that, two ways, just exited out of the program (file>exit) and re-opened, and within a few minutes it comes up. Then "x" and then exit, made sure there was no processes running, then re-opened, in a few minutes it pops back up.
  5. Well...except I have 6.1 and I still get this prompt daily after letting my subscription expire (intentionally) So am I missing something?
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