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  1. Folks, I'm getting set up with Evernote and am very excited about its possibilities. I am currently using Omnifocus to manage tasks, and like their system, but will really do better by keeping things in one app like Evernote. The new reminders feature seems to allow me to do just about everything that I need, except.... With Omnifocus, I can be driving or whatever and can tell Siri to "remind me to submit action plan tomorrow at 10 am." Siri uses the standard to-do list functionality of the iPhone to capture that info, BUT instead of it becoming an iOS task entry, Omnifocus captures it and puts the task into its general inbox. I can go in to Omnifocus and move it to a context, project, or whatever, but even if I just leave it in the inbox, I still get a reminder alarm tomorrow at 10 am. A duplicate task does -not- remain in the iPhone function. I'm not a programmer, and I have no idea how Omnifocus does this, but I really wish that Evernote could. I often get my best thinking time for emptying my mind when I am in the car, and not being able to talk to Evernote to create a reminder task is a big concern. I am aware that I can tell Siri to send an email to Evernote, but to my knowledge, Evernote is not able to extract time/date info from that message to create a reminder on the note that it receives. Having to go into Evernote later to finish up the process is a big issue for my ADHD brain and I. Scott Smith
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    ios Using Siri

    I'm not a developer, so In have no idea what it took, but Omnifocus seemed to be able to get the siri --> tasks --> Omnifocus thing down fairly well Scott
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