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  1. Hi there. I am new to the developer community. I created a sandbox API key, did some testing, and submitted the form to have it promoted to production; but I have not heard back. I submitted the form last weekend. The site says it takes 1-2 days to activate, so I'm wondering if I did something wrong. Who can I contact to follow up on this? Thanks!
  2. I've been using Evernote for years. For a long time I had only a Premium Personal account. Then I convinced a company I was working with to try out Evernote Business, which they did, and now have all their employees on board with it. So now I have a business+personal account with Evernote. When we first did this, all notebooks were more or less in the same view, with business notebooks marked as "business". Then, Evernote rolled out the segregated context-view that completely isolates business from personal notes/notebooks. This change has been nothing but a headache for me.
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