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  1. Thanks, Scott! That's a huge help. I did exactly what you said and I have 2566 notes in my database. I'm not sure where the extra six notes came from, though! I have backed up the database and the other folders. Instead of uninstalling, I just deleted the local data (Settings>Apps>Evernote>Clear data) then logged into the app again to sync the web notes. That solved my initial 'sync' issue. I also received the following note via email from Evernote Support, which said pretty much what I thought they'd say. Uninstall and reinstall. I didn't need to do that to fix things, though. I just cleared data as mentioned above.
  2. I found the Evernote folder on my HTC One: /sdcard/Android/data/com.evernote/files/user-XXXXXXX/ where the XXXXXXX is a 7-digit ID number. There are 4 folders: unsaved_notes is empty. notes has only 1650 items. thumbdb has 2 items. Temp has 2 items. I want to backup the notes, but I do not think this folder holds all of them! On my phone's Evernote app I have 2558 notes. I would be grateful if someone could let me know why there is this difference. Why can't I see 2558 items in the notes folder on my phone's sd card? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Dennis! This is true for the HTC One as well. Here's how to fix it for this phone: Settings>Account & sync> Toggle 'Auto sync' to 'On', then click on Evernote in the drop-down list. Click on your account name > tick next to 'Sync notes' Go back to the previous page. Click on 'Sync', which takes you to the Evernote app's sync page. There you can change frequency and if you want to sync via WiFi only. I hope this helps anyone else who has the same issue.
  4. Has there been any solution to this problem? It's been a few months! I have the same issue with my HTC One phone. I have approx 100 notes that are on my phone but not synced to the server. If I uninstall and reinstall, I will lose all of my notes! It would be great to hear what other people with this problem have done to solve it. Cheers.
  5. I primarily use Evernote on my phone (HTC One, Android v4.1.2) and recently my phone has stopped syncing to the server. Here is the error message: Last sync failed at: 6 Aug 12:41 columns note_guid, tag_guid are not unique (code 19) My initial problem is that I can't see how to fix this. I have updated to the latest Evernote version, my phone has the latest Android version available, I have restarted my phone. The next stage is for me to uninstall and reinstall the application. But I have another problem! I have over a hundred unsynced notes on my phone that I need to backup first. This is because they will be deleted when I uninstall and reinstall. However, on my HTC One, Evernote does not seem to have a 'Evernote' folder! (My previous phone did, in device/sdcard/Evernote/). This phone has storage/sdcard0/ but I can't find an Evernote folder. Can someone please inform me where the folder for the local Evernote notes is on the HTC One? Many thanks! I submitted a ticket a few days ago for the 'how to sync' part of my problem (#103893). I'm hoping if I post here, someone can give me a tip on the second part, too!
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