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  1. They are using a cool stylus. it looks like a tip added on to a regular pen. Does anyone know what it is called or where i could purchase one? Thanks, Susan
  2. i just looked at my updates on my ipad, and lo and behold, there was an evernote upgrade. PROBLEM SOLVED! Yeah. thanks!!
  3. Hi I downloaded evernote in 2010, but only started to use it last week. I loaded evernote onto Chrome on my PC, running windows 7, and i seem to be able to access everything OK. using the same user name and password, i am then trying to log in on my ipad, it as soon as i put in the password and hit GO, it goes back to my ipad home screen. i did uninstall and reinstall the app yesterday, but that did not work. i really want to make this, with penultimate work...can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Susan
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