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  1. How do I wrap text around an image?

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    That's what I've always done. In the beta version I'm now using, it's not available. v 6.19.0 build 1643 beta Editor: v107.1.13786 Service: v1.19.6 © 2019 - 2020 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
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    I need to check for definition of a word to be sure it is used correctly. This was formerly available in the older version.I am using a MacBook Pro and the current beta version of Evernote app.
  4. I often use Evernote as a tool to facilitate my thinking process like a scratchpad. The idea my mature. If it does, I then take it to Word or Scrivener for full research and development before writing the article, posting it on a blog, or it becomes part of a book. At that point it will have to be reformatted. Such reformatting is easy in MSWord or Scrivener. I was just trying to eliminate on little step thinking maybe I had missed something in Evernote. It's not a dealbreaker.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. I use MSWord for business purposes and document creation. I use Scrivener for serious work: writing articles, books, research papers, and other manuscripts. I use Evernote for journaling, note taking, etc. I also use it for creating blog posts and post directly from Evernote. I often have to reformat when moving from Evernote to another of these word processors. It would be cleaner if Evernote could indent the first line. Thanks
  6. When will we be able to create and edit tables on iPad? I can't even access Evernote on the web via my iPad to work with tables.
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