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  1. True. Legacy plus your subscription does equal extra bandwidth. And despite the fact that Legacy is no longer being developed, it is still the best version of Evernote, and probably will be for decades to come! Just, hopefully, WIn 11 won't break it...
  2. Do yourself a favor, and actually watch some videos on how Notion can be used as a production tool for scheduling work tasks for yourself and your team. It is like the best of Evernote met the best of Outlook met... the best of Tony's Stark's holo drag and drop.... And, consider doing what I have done--Notion for work, Evernote for personal. For recording small stuff on the fly that I might want tomorrow or in 5 years, Evernote is still pretty good.
  3. Yeah. I have abandoned Evernote for anything other than purely personal notes, like the address of the Pancake House in my MIL's city, or what size batteries my car remote FOB takes. Oh, and the size of the light bulbs that burn out every 2-3 years in the kitchen--I know when one burns out I can go to Lowes and just look at my phone for the right size! Evernote still rocks for stuff like that!
  4. Other people already KNOW to not use software that isn't right for them--they don't need you to tell them that.
  5. They can make a good one--by handing it off the the MCU team! In seriousness, what is really sad is that the Loki miniseries was better than the last slew of Star Wars movies... Oh well.
  6. Do you also leave out milk and cookies every December 24th, hope springing eternal?
  7. Worthless to me. In case you were confused, I was asking for MY needs. I was not--and this will be a big surprise--not asking for YOUR needs. The ONLY solution I have found FOR MY NEEDS is to have the same database running in two different database programs. The HTML files are as almost as worthless as webpage bookmarks. Notice the title of the post? "I need..." Me. MY needs. Not yours.
  8. Well, you could grab a group of nested notebooks, in which case you wind up with ONE final notebook Otherwise, no.
  9. For my purposes, it is also not very useful. Having 900 HTML files is about as much a "database" as having 900 bookmarks in chrome. Part of the problem is WHERE I get my data, and WHAT I do with it. I normally find information on the Web, and pull it into my database, adding tags to help sort out WHY it was important to me. Oftentimes, something will have 3-4 tags. When I want all files on "Group X Spending Patterns" I simply go in and look at those tags, winnowing down as need (age group, religious background, college education) and that is my pool of 20-30 records to look at. With an HTML format, the tags are still in there, but being inside the files themselves, as you say, I need to run some kind of search pattern to find the tags as text inside. Then... Then I need to cross-index them somehow. And that is where it all stops. The tags while in Evernote are useful. When they are exported from Evernote into HTML files, they become.. I can't figure out how to use them. So... another database program that will preserve the tags as tags is pretty much the only thing I can think of that will preserve tags in a useful format. And in trying to resolve the problem, I have come to the conclusion that the options of 1.) .ENEX format, which is designed for the purpose of pulling back into an Evernote (at least compatible) database program, and 2.) HTML files.. Are pretty much all the realistic options for exporting. It is just the nature of the beast because tags are kind of unique to some database programs. You can't make Notepad care about all the Word embedded codes because, frankly, Notepad doesn't do the same things Word does. Word can import all its data, but it is the job of the OTHER program to interpret those codes.
  10. 1. Sort of no choice. Once you place your data into Evernote, it is locked into that or ANOTHER proprietary format. 2. Not really. As long as I have it in multiple formats, I can keep moving it as needed.
  11. I've basically resigned myself to the fact that, like others have posted, the only way to safeguard my work and have it stored in a still-functioning format is to copy it over to another program that will live import the data. If one company dies, you still have your database running with the other. I am using Notion for that. (Also, when I use database, I am referring to a type of software/stored information records--not a specific brand. As much as the True Believers here hate it, Evernote is just a database program, and the records inside are technically the database.) I do agree that OS tags would be a lot better, but... We don't have those and the odds of getting them are right up there with nested folders.
  12. Don't you know the difference between oxygen and electrons? Electrons are what are used to transmit digital messages--like this one. Oxygen gets used in verbal communication. Also, as oxygen, unlike electrons, is always being recycled and is not bound by the Second Law of Thermodynamics (except on incredibly long time scales--orders of magnitude times the age of the universe), unless you are in a very limited situation where oxygen is not plentiful--such as an ICU in New Orleans, or the Space Station, it is impossible to "waste" oxygen. Run around and sing at the top of your lungs the Barney song--those oxygen molecules you turn into carbon-dioxide get happily recycled by plants and will be there tomorrow for you to use again. Sing along with me! I love you, you love me We're a happy family With a great big hug And a kiss from me to you Won't you say you love me too? I love you, you love me We're best friends like friends should be With a great big hug And a kiss from me to you Won't you say you love me too?
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