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  1. Let me put it this way--they HAD to have had people test drive this version, and it was given the green light as it was. If Evernote has displayed one constant throughout its entire life, it is this: The Devs don't care. So, because speeding up the process of this 100% cloud-based fiasco would require ANOTHER complete re-write of the code, you can 100% expect all future releases to be this slow. And if you, like a lot of users, can't use the new version because it is the slowest database program to ever have been written, remember this: The Devs don't care.
  2. Hey! Come on! Don't you like it when software companies eliminate features that were found in your software because they weren't found in other software??? Comin up next Evernote for the Raspberry Pi -- And the nerfing of all current versions to be 100% in sync with its ... features!
  3. That is NOT fair! The current version of Evernote gets curb-stomped by a cardboard box next to your desk full of random papers!
  4. God, this turkey just gets worse and worse... What is their purpose in NOT exporting the Notebook and Note-Id?
  5. TY. I found it and did some testing. Legacy time to delete and then restore 32 notes: 1 second to delete, 1 second to restore. Evernote 10 time to delete 32 notes: 42 seconds. I didn't waste my time trying the restore.
  6. Ugh--no wonder people are missing it. It used to be a direct menu option. Now, is there any way to download your entire database at one time, or are you limited to each export only pulls 1 notebook?
  7. You may wish to actually try doing it in 10. If you highlight a notebook, it assumes you are exporting the first note. If you highlight ALL the notes you want to export, you hit the 50 cap. I'm not the first to comment on this. If you can find a way to export a full notebook with say... 155 notes, please post it as it would save a lot of other people grief.
  8. The export feature now requires you to highlight individual records. And maxes out at 50. At least in Windows. Evernote is trying to prevent people from switching. NEVER a good sign when a company tries locking in users.
  9. I wanted to delete 31 records. It took 30 seconds. What was obvious was that it was issuing a command to delete a record on the remote site, which was done, and then the confirmation was sent back to me, and then the program told it to deleted the second note, which was done on the remote site, and then confirmation... You get the idea. This new Evernote does NOTHING locally, and that means a lot of tasks will take a LOT longer than before. I pity the person who needs to re-tag or untag several hundred notes. Seriously, is it possible to rollback to a localized version?
  10. OK, I just installed the new version of Evernote, only to find that all my records now appear to exist ONLY in the cloud. And that worries the HELL out of me since Evernote appears to be in a constant state of financial difficulty. Is it possible to roll back to a prior version, and, probably more critical, how do I safeguard my data so that when Evernote goes belly-up on a random Monday morning, I can import my data into another application? Thanks in Advance
  11. I'd love to see your references for that. If you can't supply any, that means you simply made it up.
  12. That is a lot like saying a screwdriver is superior to a hammer... And shows you lack the ability to see that you are not the entirety of creation.
  13. I think part of the problem is the Evernote Powers That Be (EPTB hereafter) don't want to admit that their system is not superior in ALL circumstances. If they implement truly nested notebooks, they would be tacitly admitting that, no, they were NOT right all along about tags being superior, and all the users that wanted nested notebooks were not WRONG all the time. That is the kind of mea culpa that this company seems incapable of doing. The saddest part is that if they simply implemented this--and as you pointed it it would take nothing more than adding a single field to a notebo
  14. The Evernote True Believers--at least many of them--will scream until the day they die that you are simply being ignorant. They don't understand that there is more than THEIR way of organizing data.
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