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  1. I'd love to see your references for that. If you can't supply any, that means you simply made it up.
  2. That is a lot like saying a screwdriver is superior to a hammer... And shows you lack the ability to see that you are not the entirety of creation.
  3. I think part of the problem is the Evernote Powers That Be (EPTB hereafter) don't want to admit that their system is not superior in ALL circumstances. If they implement truly nested notebooks, they would be tacitly admitting that, no, they were NOT right all along about tags being superior, and all the users that wanted nested notebooks were not WRONG all the time. That is the kind of mea culpa that this company seems incapable of doing. The saddest part is that if they simply implemented this--and as you pointed it it would take nothing more than adding a single field to a notebook record denoting WHICH notebook was its parent. The notebooks fall into line, and you don't even need each record to have anything modified. As long as each notebook has its own INTERNAL unique name and a lookup table for matching with internal name goes with each user notebook (already being done), the records ALL wind up in their proper notebook and the notebooks all wind up in the proper place in the hierarchy. This kind of hierarchy has been in software since I was using Pocket Filer 128 back in 1988. And yes, tags can be a far superior way to organize AND retrieve data in many situations. But that is a little bit like a fresnel lens is a superior way to starting a fire over rubbing sticks together--I mean, I've seen people melt lead using only a fresnel lens and sunlight. But when it is nighttime and rain is falling, you better have knowledge on how those sticks work and get to rubbing*. *Twisting actually, but you get the idea.
  4. The Evernote True Believers--at least many of them--will scream until the day they die that you are simply being ignorant. They don't understand that there is more than THEIR way of organizing data.
  5. Putting two different notebooks/folders inside the same "stack" is not nesting. That is as much "nesting" as saying that because 2 folders both go in the same file cabinet they are "nested" in the file cabinet. Nesting folders/notebooks is where one folder/notebook goes inside of another. Just because you drop two folders into the same linoleum floor does not mean they are "nested".
  6. Just because you define a dog as a cat doesn't make it able to climb trees. The notebooks in Evernote ARE the same as folders in every storage system out there EXCEPT that Evernote won't let you place a notebook/folder/directory into another notebook/folder/directory. That would be a lot like me releasing a spreadsheet program that did everything EXCEPT there was no ability to divide in the formulas, and so I called it not a spreadsheet, but a Megasheet Program, and said the lack of a division function was a feature, so people would construct their formulas more productively without using the foolish dividing function. I mean, come on! You can just multiply by a fraction if you want to divide, so I don't see what the big deal is that the Megasheet program doesn't have a division function! It would still be a spreadsheet, just it would be a BROKEN spreadsheet. The core of your argument is Evernote Notebooks are not folders because you cannot nest them. Yeah--and that is the core argument for why the notebooks in Evernote are broken--because they are folders that have intentionally been devoid of a nesting ability.
  7. Are you REALLY trying to tell me that you don't think the Notebooks in Evernote and the Folders in every OS and information storage system (including filing cabinets) in the world are different??? You open them BOTH up, and STORE things in them in an attempt to keep your pieces of data organized... End of lesson.
  8. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Nested folders/notebooks has been the #1 recurring Evernote feature request since the day it went Beta. Evernote will NEVER have nested notebooks. Never. Think of Evernote as the battle hardened officer in the "baseball bat" scene of Inglorious *****. You, on the other hand, are Lt. Raine. Nested notebooks are your request to have the other German positions pointed out on a map. They would rather DIE than put nested notebooks into Evernote. They have spent 18 months totally rewriting and recoding Evernote so that all versions on all platforms operate identically--even though that has meant that features have been REMOVED. Yes, that is correct--their response to a problem that did not exist ("Our Windows and Apple platform releases use slightly different menus and hotkeys--OHMYGODNO!!!!") was to spend a full 18 months of development time acting like Procrustes and trim all versions down to the lowest common denominator. Nested notbooks? That is a GOOD one! They don't care what you want. They don't care what ANYONE wants. What they care about is you learn to do things their way or you can go elsewhere.
  9. Is there any way to automate Evernote with triggers? For example if I click the "Sample Sent" tag, a reminder is placed for (preferably one person) to do a follow up in 3 days? Anything like that?
  10. For the FIFTH time, what is it that makes you think we will have advance notice???
  11. OneNote is horrible! I looked at it for 5 minutes and realized it was to Evernote what Notepad is to Word. Having said that, Notion does have my interest. Its web clipper SUCKS compared to Evernote, but it does everything else as good, or better, than Evernote. Right now I am working on a massive home remodeling project, and thus don't have much desire to play with migrating over. And, the problem isn't that the migration is difficult--Notion makes it dirt simple. The problem is than Notion is to Evernote as Word is to Notepad--Notion does a lot of things and has a lot of options for how to set up and "type" each individual folder. That means I want to study it and think a bit before I pull the trigger. By analogy, Notion will copy my floor-plan I currently have over to the new location, but it will also allow me to radically change the floor-plan to include sunken indoor swimming pools, elevators, automated kitchens, etc, etc... Truth be told, I might not need, or have use for, a lot of its features, but I'd like to dig a bit before I take the plunge. However, having said that, the solution I will leaning towards is to use Evernote's web clipper to pull in web pages, and then import then over to Notion for hierarchical storage and retrieval. Should Notion get a good web clipper, or Evernote get nested folders, that equation changes. Oh, for how bad the Notion web clipper is--it sucks as hard as OneNote's. It is simply not usable. Yet.
  12. True, but irrelevant to the conversation at hand. Unlike a television show, which is idle entertainment consumption, a records database* requires you to pretty much commit to it because time spent working on one precludes you form working on the other. Since entertainment is designed to fill empty time, you can watch multiple shows. However, with work, there are usually a limited amount of hours per week one can spend on such, and thus opting into one product often precludes you form working on another. Thus, it is valuable to investigate the competing products and learn what you can about them, and this includes back and forth debate by various users. I will grant you that said debate over the merits and failings of a product really upset the fanboys, but that is their problem. *Calling Evernote a "note taking app" is accurate, technically. However, it is a little like calling Word a "keystroke recorder". Evernote is more than you just jotting down your notes--it is also a way of recording and organizing a vast amount of information created by other people. Indeed, the vast majority of my records are not notes at all, since I did not write anything into them.
  13. OH! I am SHOCKED you have such a poor opinion of him! He made a statement, and I am certain he has a totally justifiable basis for his belief that Evernote will slice its own throat by ignoring the advice of its bankruptcy attorneys and will give us all advance warning it will file for Bankruptcy. Surely you don't believe he made that statement from the gut and without factual basis!
  14. I never thought I would see the day when people openly argued that facts were a bad thing and hating them is a good thing.... Oh, BTW: You are free to engage in whatever conversation you wish. You have chosen to engage in this one. Worse, instead of engaging in the conversation in this thread about archiving, migrating, and porting, you have decided to jump into a side-conversation you claim to hate, and participate in it without adding anything constructive.
  15. Fact: If you are not enjoying a TV show, you can change the channel. Fact: The majority of posts in here are dealing with the nuances of archiving, restoring, and moving Evernote records. Fact: A lot of people have commented on how entertaining this thread is to them. Fact: Your granny had a sense of humor--you do not.
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