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  1. 1. Paid for the Premium for two years. Realized they were NEVER going to improve the product, and realized the ONLY thing it did well was clip web pages. 2. This product runs SLOWER than my first database program on my Commodore 128 back in 1987. Pretty sad when you product is so slow one pines for the lethargic speeds of 25 years ago. 3. Trying and failing--nay, making the product worse--is actually worse than not trying. 4. A good product is not designed by giving users what they say they want, that is true. But a business that does not solve a customer's problems has just lost that customer.
  2. The Evernote Devs are like a honey badger--they just don't care. There have been a whole SLEW of changes that users have been asking for years now, and the response has always been the same: "We know better than you how you should be working. Do it our way and you will thank us later." Because they have never had the profits they hoped for, they recently decided to cut development costs by nerfing ALL platforms down to the lowest common denominator (See Also: Procrustes). Every platform lost features, upsetting long time users. And you know how much Evernote cared? As much as a honey badger. They have implemented a change and sent out press releases saying that it is an improvement--it doesn't matter how much those changes slowed down their product--they will never, ever, change it back.
  3. First off, I am glad they have improved times to... 1987 levels. Seriously, I had a database program on my Commodore 128 in 1987 that could re-tag records faster than that. Also, you could be using a 56K modem and it would still be that same time as your 200 Mbit. The bottleneck is the back and forth confirmation of EACH change with dozens of hops per. And, do you realize what you just suggested as a fix? 1. Disconnect yourself form the Internet... The fix is 100% to UNDO the changes they made with Evernote by giving your PC a lobotomy. Methinks Legacy is a MUCH better option. But, I believe in everyone uses the solution that works best for them. If disconnecting your PC from the internet works best for you, that is a valid choice. Admittedly, Legacy doesn't have that fancy new To-Do add-on that the Evernote team is just BEAMING about... ...even though it is redundant with the dated follow-ups that Evernote already had PS. Eight seconds to retag 30 records makes glaciers look like Quicksilver...
  4. The ONLY reason I stay with Evernote is the way it clips web pages. Get a competitor to do that as well, or better, and I am gone.
  5. Yeah... Right after we get nested notebooks... The problem is in the design of the new Evernote and the fact that the data is NOT sitting on your local machine. You are literally operating off of the Evernote servers unless you use Evernote Legacy.
  6. Take 100 records and add a dummy tag to them. Time how long it takes Evernote to complete the task. When the new version was released, it was taking an average of 1 second per tag modification.... or moving records to a different folder. Thus, for an individual record, you might not notice the slowdown because each modification you make takes about a second. But when you decide to move stuff around in bulk... Well, best to go make a sammich while Evernote modifies the first record, then the second, then the third... The problem is that because the new Evernote has your data sitting on the Evernote servers, every change you makes follows this protocol: 1. You make the change 2. Your local incarnation of Evernote spits the change out to your ISP. 3. Your ISP sends the change through all the hops to get to the Evernote server. 4. The Evernote server open that record 5. The Evernote server processes the change for that record 6. The Evernote server then tells its ISP to tell your web browser that the data was updated. 7. Evernote's ISP sends the package through all the hops back to your ISP 8. Your ISP sends the information back to your local Evernote incarnation. 9. Your local Evernote incarnation gets the info from your ISP and 10. You are free to do new work in Evernote. Now, that isn't too slow, but when you modify a bunch of records, the process is 1-9 for the first record, THEN 1-9 for the second record, THEN 1-9 for the third record, and so on. Thus, on the test I ran it took 35 seconds to re-tag 30 records. That is INSANELY slow. And why I am using Evernote Legacy on my PC, and the new Evernote on my phone. (Since all I do is jot notes on my phone.)
  7. Let me put it this way--they HAD to have had people test drive this version, and it was given the green light as it was. If Evernote has displayed one constant throughout its entire life, it is this: The Devs don't care. So, because speeding up the process of this 100% cloud-based fiasco would require ANOTHER complete re-write of the code, you can 100% expect all future releases to be this slow. And if you, like a lot of users, can't use the new version because it is the slowest database program to ever have been written, remember this: The Devs don't care.
  8. Hey! Come on! Don't you like it when software companies eliminate features that were found in your software because they weren't found in other software??? Comin up next Evernote for the Raspberry Pi -- And the nerfing of all current versions to be 100% in sync with its ... features!
  9. That is NOT fair! The current version of Evernote gets curb-stomped by a cardboard box next to your desk full of random papers!
  10. God, this turkey just gets worse and worse... What is their purpose in NOT exporting the Notebook and Note-Id?
  11. TY. I found it and did some testing. Legacy time to delete and then restore 32 notes: 1 second to delete, 1 second to restore. Evernote 10 time to delete 32 notes: 42 seconds. I didn't waste my time trying the restore.
  12. Ugh--no wonder people are missing it. It used to be a direct menu option. Now, is there any way to download your entire database at one time, or are you limited to each export only pulls 1 notebook?
  13. You may wish to actually try doing it in 10. If you highlight a notebook, it assumes you are exporting the first note. If you highlight ALL the notes you want to export, you hit the 50 cap. I'm not the first to comment on this. If you can find a way to export a full notebook with say... 155 notes, please post it as it would save a lot of other people grief.
  14. The export feature now requires you to highlight individual records. And maxes out at 50. At least in Windows. Evernote is trying to prevent people from switching. NEVER a good sign when a company tries locking in users.
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